TMS 2.0: Transportation Automation 


Everyone wins when supply chains are efficient.

Haven TMS is built from the ground up to help shippers reduce costs, save time, and make informed decisions that increase profitability.

Most of today’s transportation management solutions are heavy and costly, with complicated integrations and installations. The alternative - email and spreadsheets - is error-prone and keeps your data siloed. Haven TMS is different. We’re cloud-based, so you can start right away, and we put security first. We make shipping effortless by enabling visibility, team collaboration, and automation of repetitive tasks.

Achieve maximum profitability and a nimble supply chain.

From booking, to document management, to payment, Haven TMS reduces supply chain volatility and helps your business grow.




Work with your existing providers, or find new partners. Manage all rate cards and payment terms. Normalize quotes, including from the spot market, to know exactly what you’ll pay every single time.


Paperwork, simplified. Task Manager streamlines your process. Document Manager keeps your paperwork in order. Get to a booking confirmation without all of the emails and phone calls. 


Know exactly where your shipments are at all times. Get real-time status updates and delay alerts so you can predict ETAs and plan accordingly. 


Designed with teams in mind. Internal logistics team members and external contacts (warehouses, manufacturers, suppliers) work together efficiently in one place. No more wrangling emails and spreadsheets.


Pull your data out of silos and turn information into insights. Understand freight spend, optimize carrier allocation, monitor internal metrics, and stay on top of global trends in freight rates with our intelligent reporting and analysis tools.


  • Spot & Contract Rate Management
  • Collaborative Booking
  • Document Center
  • Automated Tasks
  • Track & Trace
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Extended Provider Network


  • Reduces transportation costs
  • Substantially increases productivity by guiding your people through tasks in order of priority 
  • Provides flexibility in permissioning so you can structure your team
  • Enhances visibility; know where your cargo is at all times
  • Brings together internal team and external partners on one platform 
  • Minimizes risk via auditing capabilities

Henry Bath is proud to be associated with the Haven platform for marine freight movement. The platform allows not only for rapid response to the market but the ability for us to enhance our service offering to clients in marine logistics. 

Henry Bath

Haven TMS Customer

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